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The firm has represented families with disabled children for more than twenty-five years in efforts to obtain proper services and placement for students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are entitled to appropriate services in the public schools under both Massachusetts law ("Chapter 766") and under federal law (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: "IDEA"). In addition to claims involving students with disabilities, the firm handles other cases in which students' rights are at stake.

Our work on behalf of students with disabilities includes the following:

  • Due Process Hearings: The firm represents parents and students in formal evidentiary hearings before the Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA) of the Massachusetts Department of Education. The primary procedural protection afforded to parents under state and federal law is the right to proceed to a due process hearing before the BSEA to obtain a resolution of any dispute with the local education officials regarding services to be provided to a disabled student.
  • Mediation: Disagreements with school districts regarding proposed educational services are often resolved in mediation. We represent parents in this alternative dispute resolution setting.
  • Coordination with Advocates: When parents utilize the services of educational advocates to address issues with school districts, the firm provides the parents and advocates with legal advice as they attempt to arrange for appropriate services.
  • Work with Educational Consultants: Parents need the assistance of specialized experts and consultants who can evaluate disabled students, observe programs and provide evidence in contested administrative hearings. We work with such experts to provide the parents with the data and support that are needed to obtain appropriate services for disabled children.
  • Judicial Remedies: We have pursued remedies in state and federal courts to protect the interests of students with disabilities.



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